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AI robot quantitative trading is at your service 24/7, with multiple styles or experienced strategies. With a minimum of 10 USDT, you can obtain risk-free returns for 180 days. The best platform for beginners!


DRAKE-AI is the world's leading artificial intelligence quantitative trading system. Our mission is to use artificial intelligence to analyze transaction data and conduct quantitative transactions more efficiently and safely. Our DRAKE-GPT robot’s quantitative trading daily returns are as high as more than 1.5%.


Free trial

Before you make any deposits, you can use the New User Bonus $10 to purchase "Novice Experience-Ai Bot" to test our trading bot on the market.


Automated Trading

Adopt the ‘set and forget’ strategy – our bots autonomously handle your trading activities, maximising your profit opportunities while reducing stress and workload.


Risk-free trading

DRAKE-GPT is able to buy a contract at a low funding rate from one exchange and sell the same contract at a high funding rate on another exchange in an instant, thereby making a profit without taking any risk.


AI Quantitative Trading

The combination of AI and financial transactions enables more efficient and smarter transactions. With the development of AI, AI quantitative transactions will occupy a more important position in the future.


AI Efficiency

AI has excellent capabilities when it comes to data processing and analysis. Quantitative trading involves a large amount of historical transaction data, real-time market information, macroeconomic data, etc. These data require fast and accurate processing and analysis. By applying algorithms such as deep learning and machine learning, AI can automatically extract key information from data and discover potential market trends and patterns. This automated data processing and analysis process greatly reduces manual operation time and error rates, and improves transaction efficiency and accuracy.


AI Decision

Continuously collect data 24 hours a day and enter it into the model system. Carry out automated operations based on model analysis results and firmly grasp every wave of market trends. No longer worry about the huge impact of personal emotions, use AI calculation results as the operational guidance and be more rational.

Risk-free quantitative trading strategy

Trend-following: Identifying and riding market trends.

Mean reversion: Exploiting the tendency of prices to return to the mean.

Arbitrage: Exploiting price differences across different markets.

News-based trading: Making trades based on real-time news and market sentiment.

Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence

AI has strong data processing capabilities and can efficiently process large amounts of historical transaction data and market information, dig out patterns and trends, and provide traders with effective references and predictions. This helps investors strategies.

AI can conduct feedback learning based on transaction results, gradually optimize trading strategies, and improve the stability and profitability of the system. At the same time, AI can automatically execute trading instructions, reducing human interference and operational errors, and improving transaction efficiency and accuracy.

AI can quickly analyze real-time market data and make trading decisions based on preset strategies, avoiding the impact of human emotions and subjective judgments on transactions. This enables the AI ​​quantitative trading system to respond quickly when the market changes and seize investment opportunities.

The AI ​​quantitative trading system can be adjusted and optimized according to the market environment and investor needs, and has strong adaptability and flexibility. This enables the AI ​​quantitative trading system to respond to different market conditions and investment strategies and meet the needs of different investors.


For more information about changes to our company filings, please view the UK Government’s filing records website Click to view https://service.gov.uk, The company mainly conducts research on artificial intelligence and quantitative trading.


As we run our business in 70+ countries we have a multilingual feature in your system.

Simple And Easy To Use

We provide user-friendly and easy-to-use processes and pages.

Intuitive Dashboard

All financial information and team structure are clearly visible.

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